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Monday, September 3, 2007


today 開學啦..................
i forgot when do i need to go to school, then i phoned Jenny, she is not sure too, she said 穩陣d 照平時返 8 點. But this morning, i wake up a bit late and very slow, when arrive the Van stop, i will be late if i take the van, then wonder if taking taxi, but quite difficult to get a taxi there. The van arrived quite soon,(before Eric help me get a taxi) then i get on the van. Then i discover 2 students are on the same van as me, then i think maybe i m not late, usually one can be late, but now there were 2 here with me. when the time almost 8 am, there was still a long long distance for the van to arrive at school, then i look for where to get off and change to taxi. Before i get off , i want to be sure when will the bell ring, then phone to my Salina, she dun know too, she already arrived, but she help me ask others, then discover that the bell will ring at 8:30 and we have to go to hall at that time, then luckily, i won't be late, continue to sit on the van..........

On the mid way, a form 6 girl get on the van, but she dun know where is her school, she asked the driver, but the driver is not good, he didn't answer, then other passenger said tell her to get off when arrived.
then i remember that when i was form 1, the first day i go to my secondary school myself, also dun know how to go, but just follow those wear same kind of uniform as me, then do so in the following days (once, followed wrongly to the neighbour school Tang Hin), after a few days sin remember the path.

i just choose the card i like

Birthday card should be chosen according to the receiver's favourate, as Amanda said, i have to consider the receiver's 心情 when he / she receives the present, so that we can choose a better present. But he didn't tell me what he like and i am a careless person, haven't noticed the small things or got any clues.........
so i just choose the birthday card i like and write something.
Originally, i think writing a birthday card is very quick, just a few words, but i was very slow, spent quite a long time, so made him feel strange............... :p

Birthday present

I brought a pair of wallet for birthday present, one is brown and the other is black in colour. Now we can use the same type and same design wallet la.
The brand name "Babila" printed on the wallet is alternate letter up and down, Eric said there is Bb written on it, Ha ha. Actually i dun know what kind of brand name it is, (as i always dun have good memory to remember so many brand names) I just had seen that it has discount sale, so went in and brought them. And now, i like the wallet very very much, cos it had Bb on it. ;)

Dinner at 禮三井刺身壽司

After searched for a lot of restaurants, lastly, had Eric's Birthday dinner at 禮三井刺身壽司. 原來可以好遲 book 位既, haha. 食左好多野,好好味道! 三文魚ok, 響螺片刺身好清甜, 海膽都甜、新鮮, 壽司加鵝干although oily, but delicious, better then last time we ate, similar to the standard of a French restaurant. D 炸野附送好多沙律, 總共要食三堆沙律, 當然有my favourate 鰻魚壽司, also ok. Seems forgot to order 軟殼蟹??? Anyway, 好好食 n 好抵食, cos after Eric finished his lesson, later than 9: 30 , many things were half priced. 食完開心到好似自己生日, but 唔知Eric開唔開心, 有d 失敗 *-*

Wednesday, August 29, 2007





Happy Birthday!

To Eric,

Happy Birthday !!!

Love ,